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Changes for version 0.001001 - 2017-03-07

  • Bugfix: fix test failure with -Ddefault_inc_excludes_dot
  • Dependencies::Stats
    • Dependencies changed since 0.001000, see misc/*.deps* for details
    • develop: +5 ↑2 -1 (suggests: ↑2)
    • test: ↓1


A Pure Perl reimplementation of B Internals
An Array Value
A Binary Operation
A State Operation (Control OP).
A Code Value
A Form Metadata container
A Glob Value
A Hash Value
An IO Value
An Integer Value
A List Operation
A Loop Operation
A Method Call Operation
A Numeric Value ( Float/Double )
An Operation
An Operation with a reference to a PAD element.
A Regexp (Pattern Matching) Operation
A Pointer Value ( Generally, for strings )
A Value with both String and Integer Parts
A Special Magic LValue value
A Value with Magic
A Value with Float, Integer, and String Parts
An Operator with an embedded C Pointer
A Regular Expression Value
A Scalar Value
An Operation with a static embedded SV.
A Unary Operation