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Changes for version 2.02

  • Thu June 21 2018
  • Changed colorsettings(), which wasn't following the documentation correctly.
  • Encapsulated Postscript works again.
  • Encapsulated Postscript now can have color.
  • At some point when I was new to Perl, I learned the unpack("B32", pack("N", $x)) idiom, not realizing that sprintf() had added a "%b" flag to its format. Sigh. Made the changes everywhere.
  • Fri Feb 9 2018
  • Keys 'radius' and 'stroke_width' of graphsettings() split into two each for the input lines and the comparator lines, becoming 'inputradius' and 'compradius', and 'inputline' and 'compline'. Zero-width radii (indicating no circle at all) for either line is possible, and the comparator lines and circles may be a different widths than the input lines and circles.
  • The settings of the text version of diagrams are now set with function textsettings(), as making graphsettings() handle it all was ridiculous, not to mention the key collisions with the changes above.
  • Check for "monotone" diagrams. If all the colors are the same, just set the color once in the SVG or EPS output instead of setting the color for each part of the diagram, resulting in a smaller file.
  • Update the t/ and eg/ files to use the above changes.
  • Sun Jan 14 2018
  • Test file best.t only skips networks of input size > 16 instead of all skipping all networks if AUTHOR_TESTING isn't set. Fri Jan 12 2018
  • Added Designing Sorting Networks to the book list.
  • Added David C. Van Voorhis's 16-input network (found in Designing Sorting Networks) to


Create Sorting Networks.
Optimized Sorting Networks.