Changes for version 0.00005

  • Updated Lou's email address.
  • Updated version number.

Changes for version 0.00004_01

  • Advanced version of ActiveMQ to current release version.
  • Fixed script to be more reliable, easier to use.
  • Changed script to check the tarball or the URI for version number.
  • Made script clean up temp files.
  • Added ability for script to check Apache's archives for old releases.
  • Implemented get_installed_versions()
  • Better support for multiple installed ActiveMQ versions.
  • get_version_dir() now has no default value.
  • Many new tests for the script.
  • Added optional Kwalitee release test.
  • Avoid issues when the scope returned is called during global destruction when the IPC::Run object has already been cleaned up.


Manages installs of versions of Apache ActiveMQ, and provides a standard way to start an MQ server from perl.