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Changes for version 1.17 - 2022-09-13

  • Documentation improvements (gh#30, gh#31)
  • Production release otherwise identical to 1.16_01

Changes for version 1.16_01 - 2022-09-11

  • Add support for ALIEN_DOWNLOAD_RULE (gh#28, gh#29)
  • Add support for ALIEN_INSTALL_NETWORK (gh#28, gh#29)
  • Verify hostnames for SSL connections when ALIEN_DOWNLOAD_RULE requires encryption (gh#28, gh#29)
  • Downgrade from https to http is no longer allowed (gh#28, gh#29)


API Reference for Alien:: Authors
Authoring an Alien:: module using Alien::Base::ModuleBuild
Frequently Asked Questions about Alien::Base::ModuleBuild


A Module::Build subclass for building Alien:: modules and their libraries
Local file repository handler