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Changes for version 0.92

  • Reverse engineering with MySQL broke when the tables were returned _without_ the schema name.
  • Enable subselects for MySQL, though there's still no good API for subselects.
  • Pass any unknown command line options through to Module::Build, for example things like "--install-base". Reported by Lars Dieckow. RT Ticket #28410.
  • Fix a possible bug in Alzabo::Config::available_schemas. Reported by Otto Hirr. RT Ticket #28312


Documentation on Alzabo's design
Frequently Asked Questions
Introductory information about Alzabo
Alzabo and MySQL
Alzabo and PostgreSQL
A quick reference to methods in the Alzabo classes


A data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper
Convert old data structures
Saves a set of changes as callbacks that can be backed out if needed
Column objects
Holds the type attribute for a column
Loads all Alzabo::Create::* classes
Column objects for use in schema creation
Column definition object for schema creation
Foreign key objects for schema creation.
Index objects for schema creation
Schema objects for schema creation
Table objects for schema creation
Creates constants used to turn on debugging
Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers
MySQL specific Alzabo driver subclass
PostgreSQL specific Alzabo driver subclass
Creates all exception subclasses used in Alzabo.
Foreign key (relation) objects
Index objects
Auto-generate useful methods based on an existing schema
Base class for Alzabo RDBMS rulesets
MySQL specific database rules.
PostgreSQL specific database rules
Loads all Alzabo::Runtime::* classes
Column objects
Column definition objects
Base class for Alzabo cursors
Foreign key objects
Index objects
A handle representing an insert
Cursor that returns arrays of Alzabo::Runtime::Row objects
Row objects
Cursor that returns Alzabo::Runtime::Row objects
Row objects that have been deleted
Cached row objects that represent actual database rows
Row objects representing rows in the database
Row objects that are not in the database
Schema objects
Table objects
Implements a row cache for Alzabo
Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers
Alzabo SQL making class for MySQL
Alzabo SQL making class for PostgreSQL
Schema objects
Table objects
Utility functions for other Alzabo modules


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