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Changes for version 1.06 - 2017-07-20

  • added Aniki::Row@is_prefetched method (mamimumemoomoo)
  • added option ue/le for RangeConditionMaker (mamimumemoomoo)


The ORM as our great brother.
DSL for declaring actions on sometimes
Database handler manager
Round robin database handler manager
Count rows in database.
SELECT with pager
plus one pager injector
range condition maker
SELECT sql with pager
Support for Joined query
Connect to database in a Weighted RoundRobin manner
Result class
Rows as a collection
Row class
DSL for declaring relationship rules


in lib/Aniki/
in lib/Aniki/
in lib/Aniki/QueryBuilder/
in lib/Aniki/Result/Collection/
in lib/Aniki/Result/Role/
in lib/Aniki/Row/
in lib/Aniki/
in lib/Aniki/Schema/
in lib/Aniki/Schema/Relationship/
in lib/Aniki/Schema/
in lib/Aniki/Schema/
in lib/Aniki/Schema/Table/
in lib/Aniki/Schema/Table/