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Changes for version 1.0.2 - 2011-06-08

  • Extended GalleryUnderscoresToSpaces to filenames as well. (Debian bug #348724, Francesco Potortì)
  • Added txt to GalleryDocFile, the code in already allowed it. (Luca Capello)
  • Added text-html.png and text-txt.png icons. (Debian bug #423004, Luca Capello)
  • Fixed counter typo for <directory>.folder in next directory menu item. (Luca Capello)
  • Added support to ignore items through <directory|file>.ignore. (Debian bug #619625, Luca Capello)
  • Fixed spelling typos in and README. (Luca Capello)
  • GalleryCacheDir defaults to /var/cache/www/ per the FHS-2.3. (Debian bug #337197, Luca Capello)
  • Fixed two minor POD errors (Michael Legart)


mod_perl handler to create an image gallery