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Changes for version 0.05 - 1997-09-09

  • Moved everything from under plain RCS to CVS for better release management.
  • Upgraded my copy of perl 5.004_04.
  • Fixed typo in eg/ (forgot a ',').
  • Fixed typo in eg/ and made it take # of test from command line.
  • Added code to make Apache::Mmap::TIEHANDLE call the Apache::Mmap::Handler::TIEHANDLE sub. Had to hardcode the class in Apache::Mmap::Handler::TIEHANDLE to 'Apache::Mmap::Handler' rather than use what gets passed in by tie.
  • Added eg/ example PerlHandler.
  • Added warning about mapping offsets on page boundaries on some platforms (Solaris at least) thanks to mail from Evan Champion.


Associates a file handle with a mmaped file
Associates a scalar with a mmap'd file