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Changes for version 0.92 - 2011-03-25

  • make username login lowercase all the time
  • allow login cookies to live for more than a day with ETERNAL_COOKIE
  • move crypt key out to CRYPT_KEY in site config file
  • only load javascript files when needed
  • only load favicon.ico if it exists
  • load the css into the head instead of including it as a link
  • in order to reduce multiple requests
  • read apache min/max/clients/etc settings from sdnfw.conf file
  • extend format_percent to allow control over number of decimals shown
  • add file_path, filename, and content_type automatically when doing a csv db query
  • add in_to_hash function
  • add no_css flag to not include css in header
  • break out common javascript into individual files and rework add_js functionality a bit
  • add html_caption_scroll function to make changing tbody elements scrollable
  • add /code to PERL5LIB in apachectl to help with Apache::StatINC issues
  • add html_input_number and html_input_email
  • added object menu template selection and css and footer template
  • added object head option


Framework to build systems using perl, template toolkit and postgresql.


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in lib/Apache/SdnFw/lib/
in lib/Apache/SdnFw/object/
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in lib/Apache/SdnFw/template/object/
in lib/Apache/SdnFw/template/object/
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