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Changes for version 1.02

  • Improved documentation.
  • Modified Makefile.PL to change traffic script's #! path to $Config{perlpath}
  • Modified traffic script to handle date ranges and removal function. Date::Parse is now required.
  • Patched IPC::Shareable 0.28 to handle semaphore overflow.
  • Semaphore locking is now handled by us to take advantage of the SEM_UNDO flag. IPC::SysV is now required.
  • Old data is now transparently stored in a DBM file to reduce logging time. DB_File is now required.
  • Fake users can now be used in Owner variables, in which case the names are stored (rather than their non-existent UIDs).
  • Using GM time now so daylight savings time doesn't bite us.
  • Rarely called fuctions are now autoloaded.
  • Moved logger to $r->post_connection as suggested by Tom <tom@SDF.COM>, with patch from Doug MacEachern.
  • Shared memory tie is now persistent as suggested by Stephane Bortzmeyer.
  • fetch() and remove() fuctions now fail if shared memory segment does not exist. Suggested by Stephane Bortzmeyer.
  • Returns DECLINED on all error conditions, as suggested by Stephane Bortzmeyer.
  • Added remove() fuction.


Tracks hits and bytes transferred on a per-user basis