Changes for version 1.3

  • The Spring Cleaning release :
  • Updated to use html:base element for links (duh) and added 'base' string parameter; add 'HtmlLang' Apache config
  • Replaced string parameter hack for breadcrumbs with XSLT functions
  • Replaced rendering of XBEL slices via XML::Generator via XML::LibXML::(Document|Element) methods
  • Removed hooks to read outline documents via Text::Outline
  • Removed opml2xbel.xsl
  • Added use of File::Spec for filesystem related tasks
  • General house-cleaning in the code
  • Updated apache-xbel.xsl accordingly
  • Replaced with t/*.t
  • Updated POD


mod_perl handler to transform XBEL into exciting and foofy HTML documents.