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Changes for version 0.2 - 2006-04-23

  • Simplified the usage to the point of only needing to call one js function from an onsubmit handler in the upload form
  • All support files (js/css/xsl) are automatically Aliased in Apache, to the /UploadProgress location (can be altered using UploadProgressBaseURI directive in Apache, if you want to customize the js/css/xsl files)
  • Simplified Apache configuration by automatically setuping the content handler that provides progress updates to /UpdateProgress in Apache
  • include an XSL stylesheet to render XML doc in a popup (will automatically fall back to plain HTML if XSL transforms not supported by browser)
  • Added a public method to register new mime handlers, ->register_mime
  • remove the need for prototype.js from the examples to cut down the size of the js support code needed


Track the progress and give realtime feedback of file uploads