cpan-dependents - Recursively find all reverse dependencies for a distribution or module


  # List dependent distributions for module JSON::Tiny
  $ cpan-dependents JSON::Tiny
  # Output count of distributions dependent on module JSON::Tiny
  $ cpan-dependents -c JSON::Tiny
  # List dependent distributions for distribution JSON-Tiny
  $ cpan-dependents -D JSON-Tiny
  # List dependent distributions for distribution JSON-Tiny,
  # including "recommends" dependencies
  $ cpan-dependents --with-recommends JSON-Tiny


Command-line script to list or count the dependent distributions for a particular CPAN distribution or module, using App::CPAN::Dependents. The first non-option argument is used as the target module or distribution. Dependent distributions will be output line by line when complete, or the total number of distributions will be output with the --count option.

If neither --module nor --dist are specified as options, the target will be tried first as a module, then as a distribution if unsuccessful.

This script uses the MetaCPAN API, and must perform several requests recursively, so it may take a long time (sometimes minutes) to complete. If the script encounters HTTP errors (including when querying a nonexistent module or distribution) or is unable to connect, it will die.

This script will only find distributions that explicitly list prerequisites in metadata; dynamic_config will not be used. Also, it assumes distributions are "well-behaved" and thus declare all provided modules in the provides metadata, and only modules which they are authorized to provide. Any distributions that do not follow this behavior may lead to incorrect results.


-M, --module

Interpret target as module name.

-D, --dist

Interpret target as distribution name.

-c, --count

Display total count of dependent distributions instead of the list of distribution names.


Include recommends prerequisites when finding dependents.


Include suggests prerequisites when finding dependents.


Include develop phase prerequisites when finding dependents.

-d, --debug

Print debugging output to STDERR as it is retrieved.


Dan Book,


Copyright 2015, Dan Book.

This library is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License version 2.0.


App::CPAN::Dependents, CPAN::Meta::Spec