Changes for version 5.1.8

  • Recent tags now have their count available. e.g. sidebar on
  • When users submit comments we ignore their links if they are unqualified. (e.g. "" is fine, "" is not.)
  • More explicit error-message if a blog-post has an impossible/bogus date/time.


A static blog-compiler.


Holder for our version number
Simple configuration file reader.
Generate dated-posts.
Speedup the import process
Filter individual blog entries.
Generate archive pages.
Generate the blog-index.
Generate redirection pages
Generate each blog page.
Generate a RSS feed for the blog.
Generate a sitemap automatically
Generate tags pages.
maintains the input directory structure.
Support markdown-formatted input.
Support Multimarkdown-formatted input.
Execute commands after building the blog
Autopost entries in the future.
Execute commands before building the blog
Ignore draft posts.
Generate a list of tags.
Make meta information available to templates
Generate a list of recent tags.
Generate non-blog pages.
Support textile-formatted input.
Attempt to fix malformed HTML.
Support for Truncating longer blog posts.
Allow Youtube videos to be embedded.
Base class for Chronicle's template abstractions
Base class for Xslate based templates
HTML::Template based templates
Text::Xslate templates with Kolon syntax.
Text::Xslate templates with TTerse syntax.
A URI subclass that simplifies handling of HTTP URIs
some utility functions needed here and there