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Changes for version 0.336 - 2023-08-26

  • allow getopt_conf to be provided by user (thanks, Michael McClimon!)
  • add "--version" to Simple commands (thanks, Diab Jerius!)
  • don't point to Plugin docs when they don't exist (thanks, Sawyer!)


getting started with App::Cmd


write command line apps with less suffering
App::Cmd-specific wrapper for Getopt::Long::Descriptive
a base class for App::Cmd commands
list the application's commands
display a command's help screen
display an app's version
a plugin for App::Cmd commands
helper for setting up App::Cmd classes
a helper for building one-command App::Cmd applications
an App::Cmd::Command that is also an App::Cmd
"app cmd --subcmd" style subdispatching
for capturing the result of running an app
Extends App::Cmd::Tester to capture from external subprograms


in lib/App/Cmd/
in lib/App/Cmd/