Changes for version 5.00 - 2021-09-12

  • Merge spin and spin-rss into this package, making it a full, if highly idiosyncratic, static site generator built around a macro language called thread. This adds new commands docknot spin, docknot spin-rss, and docknot spin-thread, as well as modules App::DocKnot::Spin and several submodules. docknot spin should be equivalent to the old spin command except that \id support has been dropped. DocKnot now depends on Date::Parse (from TimeDate), Git::Repository, Image::Size, and Pod::Thread 3.00 or later.
  • Support setting distribution.packaging.debian.package along with distribution.packaging.debian.personal to specify the package name. Do not generate links to Debian in that case.
  • Ignore configure~ when checking distribution tarballs.
  • Stop generating a developer link to a to-do list by default in thread output. Not all of my packages use a TODO file, so the ones that do should explicitly add this to the developer docs list.


Static web site and documentation generator


Documentation and software release management
Run DocKnot commands
Read and return DocKnot package configuration
Prepare a distribution tarball
Generate documentation from package metadata
Static site builder supporting thread macro language
Generate RSS and thread from a feed description file
Generate page navigation links for spin
Generate HTML from the macro language thread
Parse package release information for spin
Update DocKnot package configuration for new formats