Changes for version 0.559 - 2022-06-29

  • bootstrap: add bootstrap scripts
  • ext/docker/testing/Makefile: convert from docker to podman
  • run tests recursively
  • use correct POD comment syntax
  • t/: adapt tests to "invalid input syntax for type integer" error message


create Dochazka employee records for a list of LDAP users
syncs the profiles of all LDAP-enabled employees


Dochazka REST server
HTTP request authentication and authorization
Provide DBIx::Connector objects
Implementation of top-level resources
Documentation of REST resources
Documentation of REST workflow
fillup routines
Dochazka REST server guide
non-database holiday and date routines
LDAP module (for authentication)
Mason interpreter singleton
activity intervals data model
privilege history functions
schedule history functions
object class for "scratch schedules"
functions shared by several modules within the data model
Resource definitions
Shared dispatch functions
Test helper functions
miscellaneous utilities