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Changes for version 0.001 - 2015-05-02

  • First "stable" release
  • Add Email plugin
  • Fix some warnings
  • Fix $httpd_port not having any effect
  • Fix resources in Makefile.PL

Changes for version 0.000_5 - 2014-09-21

  • Add IRC to resources

Changes for version 0.000_4 - 2014-08-31

  • Update Changes to follow CPAN::Changes::Spec
  • Remove test boilerplate (tests are still not included)
  • Reindent code and reformat Makefile.PL
  • Enable SIGN, move to a git repository
  • Changed license (in META) to open_source, as AGPL_3 requires META version 2

Changes for version 0.000_3 - 2013-08-12

Changes for version 0.000_2 - 2013-08-11

Changes for version 0.000_1 - 2013-08-11


FonBot daemon


FonBot daemon
FonBot plugin that provides the BitlBee user interface
FonBot plugin that provides global variables and functions
FonBot plugin for reading configuration files
FonBot plugin for receiving commands and sending messages through emails
FonBot webserver plugin, used for communication with phones
FonBot pluginthat provides the OFTC user interface


in lib/App/FonBot/Plugin/