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Changes for version 0.08 - 2021-06-01

  • Updating for release of version 0.08 Fixing version (Ivan Wills) Updating skips (Ivan Wills) Updating travis (Ivan Wills) Updating the date (Ivan Wills) Removing old Perl support (Ivan Wills) Better colour? (Ivan Wills)


Command prompt generator


Module to load PS1 status line elements
Gets info that can take a long time to collect so the app_ps1 command can have the data pre-populated
Adds the current branch to prompt
Adds the current date to prompt
Current directory information
Shows the value/state of requested environment variables for displaying on the prompt
Adds an indicator of last programs success or failure to prompt
Shows current version of node if using nave
Shows current version of Perl if using perlbrew
Running processes to prompt
Shows current version of ruby if using rvm
Adds system uptime to prompt