pod2cpanhtml - A utility to convert Pod to style HTML.


pod2cpanhtml [options] podfile [outfile]

        --index    Generate a HTML index in output doc (the default).
        --help     Print a brief help message.
        --man      Print the full manpage.
        --version  Print the version of the program.
        --errata   Flag any Pod errors at the end of the doc (the default).

        pod2cpanhtml > some_module.html


This program is used for converting Pod documents to style HTML.

Pod is Perl's Plain Old Documentation format, see perlpod.

The pod2cpanhtml utility produces HTML output similar to by using the same conversion module, Pod::Simple::HTML and the same CSS,

It should be noted that this utility isn't the actual program used to create the HTML for However, the output should visually be the same.



The input file that contains the Pod file to be converted.


The converted output file in HTML format. Defaults to stdout if not specified.

--index or -i

Generate a HTML index in the output document. This is the default. To turn the index off use --no-index or -no-i.

--help or -h

Print a brief help message and exit.

--man or -m

Prints the manpage and exit.

--version or -v

Prints the version of the program.

--errata or -e

Generate a "Pod Errors" section at the end of the document if there are Pod errors. This is the default. To turn this feature off use --no-errata or -no-e. Equivalent to the Pod::Simple no_errata_section() method.


John McNamara


© MMIX, John McNamara.

All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.

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