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A static-site generator, written in perl.
Generate a stub static-site to be processed via templer.


A holder for our version
Configuration-file parser for templer.
A plugin to create breadcrumbs
A simple shell-like syntax for template variables.
A simple plugin class
A plugin to read file contents.
A plugin to expand file globs.
A simple (nop) HTML-formatting plugin
Create SHA1 hashes from file contents.
A simple markdown-formatting plugin
A simple inline-perl plugin
A plugin to include RSS feeds in pages.
A plugin to retrieve values from Redis
A plugin to add path to web-root to variables.
A plugin to execute commands.
Generate a SiteMap automatically.
A XML-like strict syntax for templates tags.
A simple textile-formatting plugin.
A plugin to get TimeStamp of source files
An interface to a templer site.
An interface to a site asset.
Create a new templer site
An interface to a site page.
A utility class for recording build-time.