Changes for version 0.060 - 2020-04-29

  • [build] Rebuild with updated Unix::Passwd::File to remove dependency to the deprecated Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity::*.


Add or delete user from one or several groups
Add a new group
Add a new user
Add user to a group
Delete a group
Delete a user
Delete user from a group
Get group details by group name or gid
Get maximum GID used
Get maximum UID used
Get user details by username or uid
Return groups which the user belongs to
Check whether group exists
Check whether user is member of a group
List Unix groups in group file
List Unix users in passwd file
List Unix users and groups in passwd/group files
Modify an existing group
Modify an existing user
Set the groups that a user is member of
Set user's password
Check whether user exists


CLI interface for Unix::Passwd::File (as separate scripts)