Changes for version 0.1.16 - 2021-09-05

  • Updating for release of version 0.1.16 Future note (Ivan Wills) Fixing the tmux title (Ivan Wills) Better quoting (Ivan Wills) Adding documentation for new cron config (Ivan Wills) Adding new cron helper that will run the terminal's command via a cron config (Ivan Wills)


Description of the vtide configuration files


A vim/tmux based IDE for the terminal
Base class for VTide sub commands
Show the current VTide configuration and environment
Run an edit command (like Run but without a terminal spec)
Run a grep command on vtide editor globs
Show help for vtide commands
Initialize an session configuration file
List recent App::VTide sessions
Refresh App::VTide configurations
Run a terminal command
Save configuration changes
Split tmux terminal helper
Start a session
Tells you about the terminal you are in
Manage configuration for VTide
Manage code hooks for APP::VTide