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Changes for version 0.06

  • Added {backtrack} attribute to RandomWalk to allow the saved list of previous positions to be accessed randomly or as a stack, in addition to the default queue.
  • Fix the documentation of with respect to the changes in documentation of Also document the new backtrack option.
  • Added the walktour() function to the file.
  • Fri Aug 29 2008
    • The ongoing saga of making the documentation less incomprehensible. This time working on and
  • Mon Sep 01 2008
    • It would be nice if I could be consistent with my ordering of columns, rows, and levels. Fixed a problem with reversed rows and columns values in Array::Tour's _make_array() and dump_array().
    • Added an eg directory and put in as my first example script.
  • Thurs Sep 04 2008
    • Terrible documentation mistakes fixed in and This doesn't mean the documentation is good, of course.
    • Some internal methods now use attributes instead of parameters to get their information.
    • Added options to the script to test features at random.


Base class for Array Tours.
Return coordinates to take a random path.
Return coordinates to take a serpentine path.
Return coordinates to take a spiral path.