Changes for version 1.04


Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) for Perl
Change how Perl code is run at a pointcut
Execute code after a function is called
Execute code both before and after a function
Execute code before a function is called
General purpose guard object for destroy-time actions
Holding area for internal generated code
Legacy Compatibility for
Base class for all reusable aspects
A breakpoint aspect
Observer pattern with events
A singleton aspect
A wormhole between call frames
First generation base class for reusable aspects
The Join Point context
Allow point context methods to be called as functions
The Join Point context for join point static parts
API for determining which events should be hooked
Logical 'and' pointcut
Call pointcut
Cflow pointcut
Pointcut for preventing recursive matching
Pointcut logic role
Logical 'not' pointcut
Logical 'or' pointcut
Function returning without exception
Exception typing pointcut
Pointcut that allows arbitrary Perl code
A pointcut for the run-time wantarray context


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