Changes for version 0.010

  • Fix coredump in perl 5.12 by replacing UNITCHECK in Assert::Conditional::Util with normal execution at botton. Make perls below 5.18 work again by setting Hash::Util prereq in Makefile.PL to 0 because it's in the core only, never cpan. Only provide assert_locked and assert_unlocked if core Hash::Util v0.15 is there (starting perl v5.17). Bump version req of parent class Exporter::ConditionalSubs to v1.11.1 so we don't break Devel::Cover. Normalize Export sub attribute tracing so either $Exporter::Verbose=1 or env ASSERT_CONDITIONAL_DEBUG=1 work for both Assert::Conditional{,::Utils}. Mentioned $Exporter::Verbose support.


conditionally-compiled code assertions
Utility functions for conditionally-compiled assertions