Author image Boyd Duffee
and 1 contributors


 adsquery - tool to query ADS and print out the result


  adsquery --author="Jenness,T."


Command line interface to the Astro::ADS classes. Given some query parameters (such as author) a query is sent to the ADS and the result is sent to standard output.


The following arguments are recognized:


Print a usage message.


List the full documentation.


The version number.


Specify the author to use for the query. Multiple authors can be specified simply by using the option more than once.

  adsquery --author="Author1" --author="Author2"

Specify a bibcode to use for the query. If a bibcode (or multiple bibcodes) is specified then any authors supplied are ignored since a bibcode is unique.


Name of a file containing multiple bibcodes. One bibcode per line. If the file can not be found the command aborts.


Simply counts the number of papers that match the query and exits.


Use OR logic with the author list. Default is to AND the authors for the query.


Output the results in XML where the element names are the same as the query fields. The top level element is <ADSResult>. Default is to print a tabulated ASCII result.


Turn on debug messages. Default is off.


Currently only a single bibcode is used for a bib query even if multiple values are supplied.


Tim Jenness <>


Copyright (C) 2001 Tim Jenness. All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.