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Changes for version 0.13 - 2002-07-18

  • Table/
    • optionally don't split vectors out of input data (VecSplit). affects read_rows_array read_col_col_array read_row_row_array read_col_row_array
    • allow caller to provide own hash or array for read_row_row_array read_row_row_hash read_col_row_array
    • when possible, use cached internal buffers for i/o to prevent memory thrashing.
    • optimized access/converting of row/col data. mostly untested, as don't have any column oriented tables.


access STSDAS format table files


Base class for STSDAS Tables
access a STSDAS binary format file
An object representing column information
Container for table columns
a header parameter
Container for header values
simple interface to STSDAS format tables


in Table/