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Changes for version 1.905 - 2017-12-04

  • Make sure tests and author/release tests are run before making a release (Ioan Rogers)
  • Try to make sure we don't accidentally use features from a newer perl (Ioan Rogers)
  • use warnings; requires 5.6 but skip to 5.8 because 5.6 builds fail on travis and it's too old to care about (Ioan Rogers)
  • Have travis test all supported versions (Ioan Rogers)


Kerberos 5 auth_context object.
Kerberos 5 credentials cache object.
Object representing a credential.
Object representation of the krb5_enc_tkt_part structure.
Kerberos 5 keyblock object.
Object representation of the krb5_keyblock structure.
A Kerberos 5 keytab
Entry in a Kerberos Keytab
Kerberos 5 princpal object.
Kerberos 5 ticket object.


XS bindings for Kerberos 5