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Changes for version 1.23 - 2021-04-19

  • Add fix for back channel connections via HTTPS proxy


Tools for interacting with the New Zealand 'RealMe Login' service


Integrate with RealMe login and identity services (formerly "igovt logon")
a collection of assertion functions for data safety
Generate a SAML2 AuthenRequest message
Common mappings for tokens to URIs
Generate a WS-Trust request for resolving an opaque token to a RealMe FLT.
Class representing the NZ RealMe Login SAML IdP
Manipulate NZ RealMe Login service AuthnContextClassRef values
Generate a SOAP request for resolving an artifact to an FLT
Encapsulates the response from the IdP to the artifact resolution request
Class representing the local SAML2 Service Provider
interactively create/edit Service Provider metadata
generate certificates or CSRs
generate SAML ID strings
XML encryption/decryption
XML digital signature generation/verification