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Changes for version 0.50

  • Stop using a home grown XML format for storing cached image information, and use a home grown RDF format instead. This completely changes the code needed to style the output to HTML or RSS, so any customisations you have made to the existing *2html.xsl stylesheets will probably need to be redone.
  • Added AxKit::App::Gallery::namespaces to document the namespaces used in the pipeline.
  • Commented out the debugging calls to log_error() that litter the code, until a more extensible logging system is implemented.
  • Made extractimageinfo.xps generic enough to be useful in the imagesheet pipeline.
  • Use the filesystem path to each image as its key in the cache directory, rather than the image's URI. This means that the same physical image available via multiple URIs will only be cached once. It also means that the existing contents of your cache directories are now out of date, and should be deleted.
  • Add a <server> block that includes information about the web server's configuration, which helps when constructing the protocol and hostname parts of a URL.
  • Use more of the image meta-data in the default output stylesheets. In particular, show
    • More exposure details (focal length, F number, exposure program)
    • Whether or not the flash fired
    • and only display the data if it exists in the file.
  • Use a URI-encoding algorithm implemented in XSLT, reducing the amount of AxKit specific Perl code.
  • RSS output support. Using AxKit's support for chaining stylesheets keyed off a 'style' parameter to enable a choice of output stylesheets. With the correct entries in httpd.conf this means you can append '?style=rss' to a directory listing URL and get basic RSS suitable for syndicating to other web sites.
  • Added tests. Granted, it's only to make sure that the POD files validate, but it's a start.


web based image galleries using AxKit


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