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Changes for version 0.35 - 2000-02-10

  • original CPAN-style version; created by h2xs 1.19
  • linux command: h2xs -A -X -n BTRIEVE::SAVE
  • added Makefile.PL, MANIFEST, README, etc.
  • created t and eg directories
  • added t/test1.t -simple test of reading and writing dump files.
  • added eg/ and location.* as an example of reading a para-separated file and writing with fancy sorting to the a save file.
  • Set up automation for shipping.
  • Updates on README.
  • Tue Feb 15 15:18:27 EST 2000
    • Re-formats and minor edits on docs.
    • Added 'cleargz' as a target for shipping automation.


Perl extension to manipulate BTRIEVE SAVE records.