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Author image Michael G Schwern
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Changes for version 0.42

  • Test Fixes
  • Fixed t/types.t on Windows.
  • Dist Fixes
  • DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader is no longer needed to build the module.


An interface to the BackPAN index
Representing a distribution on BackPAN
Represent a file on BackPAN
A single release of a distribution
Role to dump object data as a hash
Provide an index of BACKPAN


in lib/BackPAN/Index/Database.pm
in lib/BackPAN/Index/IndexFile.pm
in lib/BackPAN/Index/Role/HasCache.pm
in lib/BackPAN/Index/Role/Log.pm
in lib/BackPAN/Index/Schema.pm
in lib/BackPAN/Index/Types.pm