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Changes for version 0.01.02

  • Rename methods:
    • $session->enrollments => $session->get_enrolments
    • $session->logs => $session->get_logs
    • $log->attendee => $log->get_attendees
  • This makes 'get' calls more explicit, and avoids occlusion of the 'attendee' attribute.
  • Support the $session->get_logs({expand => 'all'}) query option. This instructs the sever to attendees as part of the session log (instance) records and obviates the need to then call 'get_attendees' on each session instance.
  • Remove extraneous class:
    • Bb::Collaborate::Ultra::Log::Attendees
  • Unbreak on Perl 5.8.9


session log report for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


in lib/Bb/Collaborate/Ultra/