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Changes for version 0.002 - 2016-04-23

  • dist maintenance


Benchmark::Perl::Formance plugin covering a representative set of sub benchmarks
benchmark - Allocate and deallocate many many binary trees
benchmark - stress lookup, traversing, and copying of data structures
benchmark - Indexed-access to tiny integer-sequence
benchmark - Generate and write random DNA sequences
benchmark - Fibonacci - Stress recursion and function calls
benchmark - Fibonacci - Stress recursion and function calls (plain OO)
benchmark - Generate Mandelbrot set portable bitmap file
benchmark - mem - memory operations
benchmark - Double-precision N-body simulation
benchmark - regex - regular expression handling
benchmark - Match DNA 8-mers and substitute nucleotides for IUB codes
benchmark - Read DNA sequences - write their reverse-complement
benchmark - Eigenvalue using the power method


in lib/Benchmark/Perl/Formance/Plugin/PerlStone2015/