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Changes for version 0.143171 - 2014-11-13

  • Interface Change: Bolts::Util::artifact() now returns an array of the form { $name => $artifact } rather than just $artifact.
  • It is now possible to pass an artifact object (i.e., an object implementing Bolts::Role::Artifact) as the definition of an artifact.
  • Drop get() from the Bolts::Role::Locator interface. It provides nothing useful in the way of functionality.


An Inversion of Control framework for Perl
Tools for resolving an artifact value
Simplified artifact implementation
Helper for creating bags containing artifacts
Defines the interface implemented by blueprints
acquire an artifact via a path and locator
Build an artifact by running a subroutine
An injector-oriented builder using a subroutine
Build an artifact by calling a class method on a class
Used to pass parameters from the user during acquisition into the injector
A blueprint that points to a literal value
Retrieve the artifact's parent as the artifact
Tags a blueprint as being usable during injection
This is the interface for inferring injectors from a blueprint
Inference engine for Moose classes
inject options and parameters into artifacts
Inject parameters by name during construction
Inject parameters by position during construction
Inject by calling a setter method with a value
Inject dependencies into array artifacts
Inject values into a hash
General purpose locator
Build an attribute with an initializer
Metaclass role for Bolts-built bags
Metaclass role for objects that have a meta locator
Store a path and parameters for acquisition
Standard meta locator for Bolts
The role implemented by resolved artifacts
Give components some control over their destiny
Interface for locating artifacts in a bag
Make a bag/artifact opaque to acquisition
Interface for locating artifacts from some root bag
Makes a Moose object into a locator
The interface for lifecycle managers
For artifacts that are constructed at every request
For artifacts that are reused for the lifetime of the bag
Utilities helpful for use with Bolts