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A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script
A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script


Base class for bot applications
extended simple IRC bot for pluggable modules
base module for all BasicBot plugins
authentication for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable modules
DNS lookups for hostnames or IP addresses
searches Google for terms and spellings
infobot clone redone in B::B::P.
join and leave channels; remembers state
tracks karma for various concepts
loads and unloads bot modules; remembers state
track when and where people were seen
speaks the title of URLs mentioned
change internal module variables
base class for the back-end pluggable store
use DBI to provide a storage backend
use DBM::Deep to provide a storage backend
use memory (RAM) to provide a storage backend
use Storable to provide a storage backend
A standard Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable script
utilities to aid in testing of Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable modules
basics tests for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable storage classes


in lib/Bot/BasicBot/Pluggable/Module/