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Changes for version 0.1.0 - 2007-10-23

  • Fixed some issues remaining in parse_bot_command() of Bot::Net::Util.
  • Added requirements for Data::Remember 0.07 to take advantage of new features.
  • Added a warning to parse_bot_command() to report when it is given an empty string.
  • Bot::Net->log() returns a logger using the application class name rather than "Bot::Net" when given no arguments.
  • IRC servers may now include peer configurations so that you can have multiple servers working together in an single IRC network without any special customizations.
  • Fixed missing requirements in Makefile.PL for POE::Component::IRC and POE::Component::Server::IRC.
  • The process reaper in Bot::Net::Test works better when children are reaped at the end of a test run.
  • Altered the reaper messages so they don't include the wheel ID anymore.
  • Added support for the BOT_NET_CONFIG_PATH environment variable which allows the person running the botnet script to select alternate locations for the configuration files.
  • Servers and bots spawned during testing by Bot::Net::Test will try to load configuration files in t/etc first.
  • Bot::Net::Log will also use BOT_NET_CONFIG_PATH when looking for the log4perl.conf file for initializing Log::Log4perl.


A script to manage a Bot::Net application


run your very own IRC bot net
the base class for all Bot::Net bots
the configuration for your bot net
logger for your bot net
encapsulate messages to and from bots
build complex objects my mixing components
mixin class for building IRC bots
mixin class for building IRC daemon bots
mixin class for building IRC servers
facilties common to many Bot::Net objects
implementation of the Bot::Net command-line interface
Create a new bot
Get help using Bot::Net
Create the scaffolding for a new bot net
Run a single server or bot
Create a new server
mixin class for building Bot::Net servers
helper for building Bot::Net tests
miscellaneous utility functions