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Changes for version 0.103

  • correct name for JSON::MaybeXS in deps (GH#1, Alexandr Ciornii)


Giropay payments API
payment notification object
check whether bank with bic in is valid.
returns a list containing all banks.
transaction data of past transactions
start payment transaction request
response object for Business::Giropay::Request::Bankstatus
response object for Business::Giropay::Request::Issuer
response object for Business::Giropay::Request::Status
response object for Business::Giropay::Request::Transaction
common attributes consumed by several classes and roles
'network' role consumed by Core, Request and Response roles
Moo::Role consumed by all Request classes
Moo::Role consumed by all Response classes
'urls' role for urlRedirect and urlNotify
type library using Type::Tiny