Changes for version 20210112.006 - 2021-02-16

  • Fix testing bug. This module needs Business::ISBN 3.005 to match the data structures. Prior to that, Business::ISBN had a bug with ISBN13.

Changes for version 20210112.005_03 - 2021-02-15

  • I think the CPAN Tester failures are using older versions of Business::ISBN (older than 3.005 all seem to fail). I assumed they started fresh, but I guess not. Require a recent version in the default_data test.

Changes for version 20210112.005_02 - 2021-02-14

  • Try harder to see what's going on in CPAN Testers

Changes for version 20210112.005_01 - 2021-02-13

  • Try harder to figure out these test failures



data pack for Business::ISBN