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Changes for version 0.07 - 2019-07-21

  • Pod fixes and documentation updates (GH#2,4,10,13,15: Michael Stevens, Slobodan Mišković, Richard Still, Galen Charlton, garu)
  • charges_refund() fixes (GH#3,19: ohkneebee, garu)
  • customers_subscribe() fixes (GH#11, garu)
  • New "-stripe_account" constructor argument allows support for Managed Accounts (GH#5: Brian Horakh)
  • New "-version" constructor argument to override your default API version (GH#9, garu)
  • New "-ua_args" constructor argument to let you customize how LWP::UserAgent is built (GH#6, GH#8: Michael Shulichenko, garu)
  • New "-ua" constructor argument to let you pass your own (HTTP::Message compatible) user agent (GH#8, garu)
  • Test coverage at 100% (GH#17: garu)


Interface for Stripe payment system.