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Changes for version 0.61 - 2010-12-21

  • Added experimental calling conventions cdecl3, cdecl6, cdecltr ("typed return") and dummy stdcall (NYI) Fix t/win32.t Better detect gcc Improve perl Makefile.PL Verbose added experimental script/ header parser added sample script/cpuid,pl removed Test::Simple dependency added repository fix Quad issues introduced with 0.59 added dl_unload_file as used by dlopen/win32 platforms (most fortunately) fix msvc6 activeperl 5.10 against malloc/free/realloc defines work on C::DynaLib::Struct::Parse fix old symbols on Dynalib.xs for >5.12: na, errgv



Dynamic Perl interface to C compiled code.
Tool for handling the C `struct' data type


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in lib/C/DynaLib/
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