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Changes for version 0.32

  • Fix compatibility with big-endian systems.
  • Add Test::Pod requirement for testing.
  • Internal: Use Easy XS for boilerplate.


in lib/CBOR/Free/AddOne.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/Decoder/Base.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/Base.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/CannotDecode64Bit.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/Incomplete.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/InvalidControl.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/InvalidMapKey.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/InvalidUTF8.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/NegativeIntTooLow.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/Recursion.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/Unrecognized.pm
in lib/CBOR/Free/X/WideCharacter.pm