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Changes for version 0.18

  • Can now use Clone::PP if Clone is not installed. Thanks to Bianka Martinovic (RT #37999). Note that there doesn't appear to be a way to indicate to Module::Build that the module can use either Clone or Clone::PP - that it requires one (but not both) of them. So for now, Clone is still listed as a prerequisite.
  • updated Template::Toolkit driver docs to indicate how to use different encodings. Thanks to Shmuel Fomberg (RT #34791).
  • removed spurious call to $template->error on Petal templates. Thanks to William McKee (RT #20221).
  • Component handler now weakens reference to containing_template, in an attempt to avoid crazy memory usage. Thanks to Dan Horne (RT #18157).
  • Changes of interest to module maintainers only:
    • t/prereqs-scenarios is now included in the distribution.
      • This is how I simulate the absense of specific modules when running the test suite. For instance, the user may have HTML::Template::Expr installed, but not HTML::Template::Pluggable. Or they may have Clone::PP installed, but not Clone.
      • To test the various prerequisite scenarios, use the included script:
        • ./misc/ t/prereq_scenarios -Ilib t/
      • This runs the test suite several times. Each time it simulates a different set of unavailable modules.
      • Adapted from the Perl Hacks book.
    • fixed the makedocs script to work with more recent pod2html
    • changed noindex to no_index in META.yml


Use any templating system from within CGI::Application using a unified interface
HTML::Template::Expr driver to AnyTemplate
HTML::Template::Pluggable driver to AnyTemplate
Template::Toolkit plugin to AnyTemplate