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Changes for version 1.02 - 1999-10-25

  • NOTICE: CGI scripts written for versions prior to 1.02 are incompatible with this release. See below.
  • Changed the way we flag an error. Instead of returning -1 we now return undef. The reason being CGI scripts that have the -w switch turned on would produce a warning saying the lvalue of the test condition $result == -1 isnt numeric, when there was no error. Thanks to Howard Lowndes for bringing this to my attention.
  • Prefixed all error messages return by error() with the method's name where the error occured and a unique number within [] to cross reference the number against the operation. e.g. decrypt [1] Encrypted string is inconsistent.
  • Modified _random_key method to ensure the random key is not persistent when run under mod_perl or CGI::SpeedyCGI.
  • Changed the way we autoescape the encrypted string. Instead of URL escaping the string, we now use our own character set where by an array reference contains from 0 to 255 elements, and each element is 2 characters. The elements in the array represent the translation $array->[ord($char)]. The method charset() is provided to allow you to define your own character set. If no character set is defined, the default character set will apply, which is suitable for storing the encrypted result in form fields, URL's and cookies. The autoescape method/paramater is now known as usecharset.


Implement trusted stateful CGI Form Data using cryptography.

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