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Changes for version 2.01 - 2016-09-11

  • Add the directory of the new version of CGI::Snapp (i.e. ./lib) to the @INC used by "$^X $script" (in t/lib/CGI/Snapp/ by changing that string to "$^X -Ilib $script". This stops the tests defaulting to any version of CGI::Snapp already installed, and thus forces all tests run by t/test.t to use this new version. I found this issue by eventually noticing that in my conversion from Hash::FieldHash to Moo I had installed a faulty copy of CGI::Snapp whose default value of send_output was 0 instead of 1. Only by deleting the installed version and manually running some tests both via 'prove -lv ...' and via 'perl -Ilib ...' did I find the typo.


An almost back-compat fork of CGI::Application