Changes for version 0.18

  • Ensure all ampersands are html-escaped in final html output: & -> &
  • Add new -category_before_link_closures option, for customizing content before each category nav <a/> link, inside the table <td/> cell
  • Code optimization to decrease memory footprint: get rid of $self object inside anonymous sub returned by _category_columndata_closure()
  • New public method grid_layout_enabled() so subclasses can tell if we are in grid or table display mode
  • New method configure_grid_or_table_view() to add support for switching between grid and table view when browse results are reached; also add -default_grid_layout option to change default view to grid
  • Support NULL or empty string values in browse categories, showing '(empty)' to the user
  • Fix a couple tests for indeterminant html attribute order, to prevent intermittent failures
  • Add support for overridden -display_columns in display_results() method
  • Add new method re_add_breadcrumbs_to_header()
  • Add id attributes and <span/>'s to breadcrumbNavLink <a/> elements, so the breadcrumbs can be renamed with CSS
  • Make code run with CGI 4 without warnings about calling param() in list context



Database browsing widget


in lib/CGI/Widget/DBI/TEST/