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Changes for version 0.32

  • Remove Encode::Detect dependency, since simply calling decode('utf8', $s) seems more reliable in general
  • Ensure all ampersands are html-escaped in final html output: & -> &
  • Reorganize Display::Grid->display_cell() method to be clearer, and wrap cell content in new div and spans for better styleability
  • Sort columns by name and strip html in Display::Grid->display_sort_popup(), and fix to run under CGI 4
  • Fix Grid and Table tests to get rid of indeterminant test code which can intermittently fail
  • New method prepend_bind_params(), useful for placeholders in SELECT clause, like MATCH (...) AGAINST (?)
  • Get rid of a width="100%" in table.searchResultsNavBarTable, so this can be styled by the user with CSS
  • Instead of die()ing from decode() errors in Base->decode_utf8(), simply return input string
  • Add -css_dataset_container_id and -css_table_row_extra_attr options
  • Make code run with CGI 4 without warnings about calling param() in list context
  • Add workaround for double-encoded utf8 strings, in Base->decode_utf8



Database search widget
Abstract Display class inherited by default display classes
Grid display class for Search widget
HTML table display class for Search widget


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in lib/CGI/Widget/DBI/Search/Display/TEST/
in lib/CGI/Widget/DBI/Search/Display/TEST/
in lib/CGI/Widget/DBI/TEST/
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