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Changes for version 2.05 - 2021-06-13

  • Increase minimum required perl version to 5.8 due to addition of "use utf8".
  • Add handling of Windows CP-1252 character encoding in input file:
    • Add `use utf8`.
    • Require module Encode::Guess.
    • In sub get_items:
      • On encountering a non printable character call Encode::Guess->guess.
      • If the call returns a ref then a decoder was found and no special action is required.
      • If the call returns "No appropriate encodings found" then assign $l from Encode::decode("cp-1252", $l).
      • If the call returns none of the above then print a warning "Unsupported character encoding" and replace the non printable characters in $l by space.
    • In sub Parse_File_i case $file case $emucpp call to `open $in`, the encoding directive for UTF-8 is no longer needed due to use of Encode::Guess (see above).
  • In sub skip_input fix handling of preprocessor directives where the "#" is not placed in column 1 but is preceded by whitespace.
  • Fix sub scoped_name in case of chained module reopenings.


OMG IDL to symbol tree translator


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