Changes for version 0.500002 - 2023-10-26

  • releasing as stable

Changes for version 0.500_001 - 2023-08-27

  • Full rewrite. The new version can parse nested entries to an arbitrary depth, rather than just groups. It can parse many more formats, and can format the outputs more flexibly. This means it can better handle the change logs that actually exist on CPAN.
  • parsed releases keep their original order
  • Pass given ChangeLog filename for --check (Tux)


command-line tool for CPAN::Changes
Specification for CPAN Changes files


Parser for CPAN style change logs
A change entry in a CPAN Changes file
An entry group in a CPAN Changes file
Parse a CPAN Changelog file
A release in a CPAN Changes file
Validation of the Changes file in a CPAN distribution


in lib/CPAN/Changes/